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Its here - Premium Adult Diapers

This diaper is by far the best I have tried. It is extremely comfortable

Best of any brand when it comes to absorbency

Assisted Living has been appointed as the sole distributor of the well known adult diapers brand, ABENA.

ABENA is from Denmark and all its products are made in Denmark.

Some key features of ABENA adult diapers are:

High Absorption:
Its Super Absorbent Powder ensures high absorbency and capsules liquid, keeping it away from the skin.

Quick Absorption:
Long fibres spread the liquid quickly and efficiently around the entire core.

Minimum Risk of Leakage:
Efficient barrier and latex-free elastication ensure a snug body fit minimising the risk of leakage.

Dry Surface:
The unique Top Dry systems provide rapid absorption and a dry surface. This is good for the skin and minimises the risk of leakage.

Wetness Indicator:
Enables the care staff to establish how much of a pad total capacity has been used.

Call us now or visit our showroom at Novena to understand more about the famous ABENA adult diapers.