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The Science behind Backjoy

Extracted from www.backjoy.com

We believe that in order to get real relief while you sit you need natural and balanced posture, much like you have when you are standing. In order to achieve this balance your pelvis must be able to move freely while you sit. Where your pelvis goes, the rest of your back follows.

When you sit without BackJoy, your pelvis becomes immobile and falls backward creating the c shaped posture in your spine. When your pelvis cannot move your body will strain to hold your back erect. Unnatural pressures and strains will aggravate injuries or back conditions that create pain and discomfort.

The secret to BackJoy ability to provide relief for such a wide variety of back conditions is this: BackJoy will maintain your proper spinal alignment and provide natural, balanced posture. This is due to the patented tipping, cupping and cradling system of BackJoy, which allows your pelvis to float freely and move during sitting ! No other device or seat can do this!

BackJoy activates the pelvic floor and restricts the spreading of the lower pelvis, allowing the six components of the pelvis to work fluidly as one unit. This means that for the first time you will have engaged your core while you sit! You will have increased tone, stability, and support. Feel stronger, breath better, have more energy, enjoy life with BACKJOY!