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Karma MVP502 Reclining Wheelchair

No matter you sit or recline, MVP 502 is contoured to fit your body, reliving the pressure and shear force.

The revolutionary coupling system of MVP 502 offers both the user and attendant an ultimate comfort while reclining. Moreover, the innovated anti-sliding design and the V-shaped seating can effectively distribute pressure for relief of bottom, greatly reducing the occurrence of back sores, and keeping seating position really pleasurable.

New Patented Anti-sliding V-seating system

The V-shaped seat smoothly shifts the bottom 20 downward, minimizing shear force when the backrest reclines 160. By doing this, it not only prevents sliding, but also effectively relieves pressure on the bottom, which reduces the risk of decubitus ulcers.

Axle-traveling Footrest

The elevating swing-away footrest automatically stretches during elevation, so that the user's legs can extend smoothly without compression, which effectively eases the pressure concentration at abdomen and offers more extending space for users with longer legs.

Karma MVP 502 Reclining Wheelchair with V Shaped Seat Features:
Elevating legrest
Rigidifying pushbar
User friendly armrests
Tension adjustable back and seat
Adjustable calf pad
Ergonomic headrest
Dual braking system
Foldable and compact