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OppO Memo Pillow


Designed to support the heat and neck, and relieve tension in a way ordinary pillows cannot. By straightening the upper vertebra while you sleep, the MemoPillow relieves tension felt in the muscle and ligament groups of the neck, shoulder and upper back. When your head is correctly positioned on the MemoPillow, your spinal column remains straight and you maintain correct sleeping posture throughout the night. Its special patented material has unique features which provide better sleep quality for your life.

  • Humidity and thermo absorbing
  • Pressure relieving
  • Reduces the potential for of morning neck pains, cricks or stiffness
  • Prevents and eases headaches and neck soreness
  • ize S: 50 X 29 X 7cm
  • Size M: 56 X 29 X 9cm
  • Size L : 59 X 32 X 11cm