Orthopaedic Support

Assisted Living offers a wide variety of orthopaedic support for different body parts catering to various physical conditions. With options ranging from medical support to everyday and sports support, we offer a selection that caters for the young and old.

Available orthopedic support include:

Shoulder / Lumbar / Spine
Cervical Collars
Neck Brace
Clavicle Brace
Maternity Belt/Support
Abdominal Binder
Back Stabilizer
Shoulder Support
Posture Aid
Sacro Lumbar Support
Rib Belt
Sacral Cinch Belt
Hernia Truss
Arms and Hands
Elbow Support
Tennis/Golf Elbow Strap
Wrist Wrap
Wrist Splint
Elastic Wrist Wrap
Wrist/Thumb Support
Wrist Support
Circulation Gloves
Knees and Ankles
Knee Support
Thigh Support
Knee Brace
X-Back Knee Brace
Spiral Knee Support
Hinged Knee Stabilizer
Petalla Tendon Strap
Jumper’s Strap with Silicon Pad
Shin Support
Ankle Support
Ankle Wrap
Adjustable Ankle Support
Gel Bunion Sleeve
Bunion Gel Cushion
Arch Pads
Foot Gel Pads
Silicone Heel Cushions
Compression Stockings
Travel Stockings
Anti-Embolism Stockings
Circulation Socks
Silicone Insoles
Arch Support Insoles
Bioceramic Insoles