Personal Care

Assisted Living also offers personal care products that support a healthy and active lifestyle and/or serve as personal protection.

Available rehabilitation products include:

Adult Tape Diapers
Adult Pull-Up Diapers
Test Kits
Pregnancy Test Kit
Ovulation Test Kit
Urinary Tract Infection Test Kit
Pain Management
Ice/Hot Bag
Pillow-type Water Bag
Hot/Cold Pearl Pack
Hot/Cold Soft Pack
Air Activated Heat Patch
Hot Clay Pack
Covid-19 Essentials
Medical Masks
Foam Masks
Wet Wipes
Hand Sanitizers
Disinfectant Pads
Testing & Diagnostics
Weighing Scale
Blood Pressure Monitor
Hand Exerciser
Exercise Band
Screen Eyewear Protection
Mosquito Spray
UV Sterilizers
Portable UV Sterilizers